Field Study 1

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  • Published: July 26, 2013
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School Facilities

Gymnasium A building equipped for indoor sports, exercise or physical education.

School Canteen
This place is where the pupils buy their food if its recess and lunch break.

There garden has many plants and flowers, you can see that this school is environment friendly.

PTA Office
This is the PTA Office where the teachers and parents meet for the updates about the Childs’ school progress and school activities.

Comfort Room
Their comfort room is clean.

Play area is a place with a specific design for children to be able to play.

It serves as shelter for the pupils to avoid the heat of the sun.

Home economics
A laboratory designed to provide students with practical cooking space, room to prepare foods and many more.

Medical Clinic
It serves as a primarily facility devoted to the care of outpatients.

Administration Building
As you can see this building is colorful and a convenient place for teachers.

Computer Room
By using a computer the child can research about their assignments and projects.

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School Facilities Checklist

Facilities| Available| Not Available| Description|
Office of thePrincipal| | | The office is convenient and clean.| Library| | | There is a lack of books but there are some that may help the pupils.| Counseling Room| | | |
Canteen/Cafeteria| | | The food is affordable and clean.| Medical Clinic| | | Lack of facilities.|
Audio Visual| | | |
Reading Center| | | |
Speech Laboratory| | | |
Science Laboratory| | | |
Gymnasium| | | Their gymnasium is a bit dusty.|
Auditorium| | | |
Home Economics| | | |
Industrial Workshop...
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