Field of Social Work Critique

Topics: Childhood, Psychiatry, Social work Pages: 2 (346 words) Published: March 23, 2009
NASW Critique Paper #1

After viewing the Help Starts Here website for Social workers, there are many more subfields

then I was aware of. It offers information on Kids/ Family, Mind/Spirit, Health/Wellness,

Seniors/Aging, and Issues/Answers. I assumed working in the mental health field that a major

portion of Social Work was helping kids and seniors in life threatening situations.

In the section regarding professional social workers it states in order to be one of the 600,000

social workers in the United States, you have to obtain your Bachelors, Masters or Doctoral

degree. With one of the degrees you can work in Health Care, Case Management, and Long-

Term care with adolescents and genetics. What I appreciate about Social Workers is there code

of ethics which they treat individuals with the same respect in any situation.

In the section Kids & Family, under early childhood Development, I find it interesting that the

first three years of a child’s life are the most important. What experiences children have within

those first three years shape the adults they will become. I find it extremely important for lower

income as well as high income families to supply but have help to supply the best experiences

and education possible for these children. I work for a child psychiatrist and we see a majority of

lower income children that have behavior issues. I just wonder how many of these families were

unaware, embarrassed or uneducated during their children’s first couple of years. I would love

to help these families so maybe we would decrease the behavior problems in children and keep

them off unnecessary medications.

I found the questions/answers flow chart under the section Senior & Aging, residential and long

term care very helpful. Last year, my family needed to find a retirement home for my

grandmother. The flow chart would have helped us trying to see what and where her needs...
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