Field Observation Report

Topics: School, Education, Early childhood education Pages: 4 (1297 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Field Observation Report 1 Page 1

Field Observation Report 1
EDUC 210-B02
Darrell E. Powers
February 15, 2013

Field Observation Report 1 Page 2

The Head Start program at Madison Heights Elementary School was a classroom full of educational and fun activities for the students and the teachers. The class was an involved and busy group, but ready to also learn when the opportunity came their way. Three teachers – Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Arrowood and Mrs. Morefield – gave their classroom plenty of attention, and a nice balance between play and learning time, or a combination of the two.

This particular Head Start classroom was a Pre-K classroom, full of energetic four year olds. There were desks arranged in a semi-circle facing a table where two of the teachers sat, while a teacher’s desk was located near the back of the room so it would not be a focal point for the students. Twenty-three students were in attendance (although the class usually had twenty-seven). The teachers had different materials spread out throughout the room, including a play kitchen area, a small library, a carpet area for the students to sit on during presentations, and there was a more “masculine” play area as well near the teacher’s desk, which featured toy trucks and cars, but also building blocks for the students to build whatever their imagination inspired.

The day began with the students coming in, two of the teachers greeting them at the door and saying, “good morning,” and asking the children how they were doing this morning. Whether the child reacted like they were in a bad mood or a good mood, the teachers reacted to whatever the answer was, which brought to mind NAEYC Standard 1a about knowing and understanding young children’s characteristics and needs; even if the children were grumpy, the teachers...
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