Field Observation of Middle School

Topics: Self-esteem, Education, Teacher Pages: 2 (684 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Field observations of Middle School
The favoritism, all once we have heard about the favoritism, but what exactly is? favoritism is defined as the inclination to favor more to some people than to others without assessing their merit or what is right. This is one of the most controversial topics in the institutes, elementary schools, universities, jobs even in the same family. There are several reasons why the favoritism is given, one is for the money, almost always see them as people with a good economic status can do what they want, from government up to schools, another reason may be the physical, that almost always occurs in women, among other things. In any of these cases can be harmful both to which is favored for which it is not, since helping one person, we do that does not strive for what they want and create for all are perfect, otherwise, low self esteem and it is to convince the person that it is useless. In the case of the school, I think we have all noticed or suspected that there is some kind of favoritism of some teachers towards students, Millers teacher aren’t the exception in this case; never criticizing them, say that everything they do is good, or simply do nothing and still passed with very good rating. In these cases the damage affects the student who is favored since their performance is not brought to a limit or a high level of effort to gather the requirements of pass in already is a matter or more. Leading the favored student to create an atmosphere of comfort to her around and so accustomed to not avail themselves of their merits to get something in daily life. On the contrary, the student who is not favored, as I mentioned before, tends to have low self-esteem and even strives to be better. In my fifth time tutoring at Miller, I notice a little unusual, that many teachers probably doesn’t pay attention or they do it without realizing they are doing it, which was having one of the girls as her favorite student, she was pay more...
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