Field Interview

Topics: Training, Skill, Assessment Pages: 3 (718 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Question: What types of training do you provide?
Answer: A variety of training sessions that include team building and behavioral training for new employees, along with specific hardware and customer service training. Question: How do you assess the needs assessment of those that you train? Answer: They do not assess the needs assessments of their employees for these programs. Question: What kinds of training methods are utilized in your program? Answer: The company has a 30-Day induction program for new employees which cover business, technology, cultural, and behavioral training, thus helping them to smoothly transition into the company’s way of life. The company also has a training tool titled “EDGE” or Employee Development Growth and Empowerment. This training practices cross-functional team skills. This program aims to make the company more of a learning organization. Question: What qualifications or backgrounds are necessary to become a trainer with the company? Answer: A trainer must have management experience and have proven presentation skills. They must also have experience in communicating with a diverse audience, a passion for what they are training, and be willing to share personal experiences with a good sense of humor. Question: How do you plan your training and evaluation?

Answer: First, they set the objectives of their training session and decide who they are going to train. Then, they acquire suitable training materials to suit the objectives of the training. After the materials are acquired they fix the schedule to suit the employees needs. If time cannot be spared during their regular work to be trained, then they may need to schedule the training session after work hours. Question: What specific duties does a trainer perform?

Answer: Trainers will design and deliver the training programs. Question: How do you follow up with your trainees after a session? Answer: They ask the employees to evaluate the session. To...
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