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  • Published : December 1, 2009
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Field observation
Prof. Dan Ricci
November 5, 2008
About 90% of Columbus’ classrooms are open for other teachers or visitors to observe. The school also has special programs to help the students with special needs: bilingual, reading, pre-kindergarten and free school breakfast and lunch. I enjoyed a lot of my observation because I’ve never had the opportunity to work with children in a classroom setting. I had so much fun working with little kids as well as with the older kids because they talk and express their ideas in very different ways. Doing my field work I learned a lot. One thing that I learned was how to deal with children that have different types of disabilities. One of the teachers I got to observe Ms. Morales, was not a Special Education teacher, but because the department of education now wants to include children with disabilities with those that do not have a disability the class was mixed. However, the Ms. Morales was so good working with the children that unless you look very carefully you would not even know that some of the students have an IEP. The next day they placed me in another classroom I liked this one even more because it consisted of more students with disabilities. Before the children came into the class, the teacher Ms. Rubin explained to me that it was going to be a slow paced day. They had a rough week, and barely made it to the end of the week. Ms. Rubin got a new student, Shovon, this week. Shovonhas a behavior disability. Shovon seems to be adapting pretty well, but it seems the other studentsare having more trouble adapting to a new student being in the classroom. Although I was thrilled to be in a setting with handicapped kids, I came to notice that this type of classroom setting might be a bit harder to manage the kids. Perhaps it is my lack of experience in dealing with kids who are disabled in a classroom setting. In one day I witnessed multiple incidents. For example, Daniel told Oscar that his...
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