Fidel Castro's Biography

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  • Published : August 8, 2012
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“A revolution is not a bed of roses.” said Fidel Castro in 1961. A revolution is a struggle, a fight, and a requisition for change. Although meant to bring justice, a revolution does not fundamentally end with the inclined outcome, regardless of intentions. Prominent revolutionaries can easily become leaders, and leaders in times of turmoil can easily become dictators. The reign Fidel Castro demonstrates this scenario. Castro’s childhood and education fueled his crooked desires to revolutionize the Cuban nation, forever changing his impact on the world. In most ways, Castro’s maintained a stable childhood. According to Hispanic Biography “Fidel's mother, Lina Ruz González, came from a poor, religious family” (Hispanic Biography). Angél Castro y Argiz, his father, fought in Cuba's war for independence in the 1890’s (Contemporary Biography) and later became a very prosperous landowner (Discovering Authors). Born in 1926, Castro was an illegitimate child, as González was his father’s mistress. Regardless, Castro led a benevolent childhood on his father’s 10,000 acre hacienda. “Hundreds of peasants worked the land... Everyone lavished attention on me and treated me differently,” said Castro. Castro felt compassionately for the workers of the land from an early age and lived comfortably beside them. Growing up alongside these peasants may have cultivated hiss desire to ‘help’ the poorest citizens of Cuba (Hispanic Biography). As a result of his lavish upbringing, Castro took advantage of a privileged education. (Hispanic Biography). He first attended school at La Salle Primary School in Santiago, Cuba (American Decades) and later began a Jesuit education at Dolores’ Boy’s school (Hispanic Biography). Even as a child, “Castro was a rebel… Although he was bright, he was not interested in studying. He was a sports hero in school, where he ran track, pitched for the baseball team, and excelled in basketball (Hispanic Biography).” According to World Biography, “Castro...
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