Fidel Castro's Rise to Power

Topics: Fidel Castro, Cuba, Cuban Revolution Pages: 3 (826 words) Published: March 25, 2012
* Born: August 13th, 1926
* Nationality: Cuban
* Political Party: Communist Party of Cuba
* Profession: Lawyer and Politician
* Spouses: Mirta Diaz-Balart (1948-1955), Dalia Soto Del Valle (1980-Present) Fidel Castro demonstrated an early affection for power; he read and studied Hitler’s actions and his novel, Mein Kamph as well as Italian Fascist Benito Mussolini’s actions. His early history exposes his intentions for the future clearly, and confirms his interest in Communism. Fidel Castro’s first involvement in Cuban military was the invasion of the Dominican Republic.

Involvement in Politics:
* 1950: Fidel Castro became a candidate for Congress for the Cuban People’s Party and was considered the favorite to win the election, however General Fulgencio Batista, with the support of the armed forced took control of the country. * 1953: Fidel Castro launched an attack on the new leader, with the support of other rebels, however he was captured in a failed attack in Santiago de Cuba. * 1953: As a result of his attempted takeover, Fidel Castro is sentenced to 15 years in jail, however two years later he is given amnesty and travels to Mexico. Conditions in Cuba at the time:

* Batista’s government was very corrupt, and the USA has strong influence there, many United States mafias were welcomed to Cuba, and incentives were given for people to open large gambling casinos to entertain the mob. * During this time, Batista grew richer while the Cuban economy on a whole continued to suffer. * Living conditions were meager for the average citizens and crime rates began to rise significantly. * Prostitution also became prolific as brothels and prostitutes could easily seek support and protection from the government via bribery. Overall, conditions were not livable and it was not surprising that a group of Cuban revolutionaries would soon find a way to overthrow the regime. The Second Attack on Batista:

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