Fiction vs Reality

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Fiction vs. Reality

The Court System
Final Project

Fiction vs. Reality
In the United States of America we have three systems of government that each have their own specific role independent of each other but still heavily reliant on the other. These systems all work together in all aspects of the legal system, with the court system heavily responsible for “Enforcement, interpretation, invalidation and making law.” (The US Legal System, 2009) This paper is going to discuss the legal system as the courts handle it, we will take a look at fictional portrayals and an actual court case that occurred. The purpose being to ascertain the difference between the two if there is any.

Let’s begin with the fictional story of Law and Order, this show dramatizes the law system from when the crime occurred to when it actually goes to trial. The show’s objective seems to have been to bring to light issues that are presented in society in real time, or especially heinous or brutal crimes. I for one enjoy the drama that unfolds throughout the hour that this show has my attention. Well I guess I have to get specific, as Law and Order is a series that has done really well so it has expanded, I personally like to watch the Law and Order Special Victims Unit but occasionally watch the other shows.

In this series the crimes are always very bad, the victim is an unknown and the detectives in this unit must usually start from scratch to find the suspect. I find it amusing that for every crime they always seem to come down hard on a registered sex offender that usually does not have anything to do with the crime, but the drama is still there and it keeps me tuning in. In any case they usually go through about half the show showing what the detectives are doing and then it gets turned over to the District Attorney, sometimes the District Attorney is involved from the beginning in some limited form, telling the Detectives what evidence is needed and...
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