Fiction Books Are More Interesting Than Non- Fiction

Topics: Mind, Psychology, Short story Pages: 1 (328 words) Published: December 21, 2011
In this era there are a wide variety of interesting books available to read. Some of these books are based on imagination or fiction, other books contain true stories. For some people reading fiction is more exciting than true stories and for others it is non-fiction. Again it depends upon the age of the reader to select either one of them.

Reading fiction is exciting as it is imaginary..It allows the reader to go along with the dream and be the main character to get carried away with the story. As for the imagination there are no limits or boundaries of time and space. Studies have shown that a lot of people suffer from stress, reading fiction gives the reader a chance to go beyond reality and move to land fantasies for a while. These tales create suspense and brings about new ideas; it also captures the minds of young readers. This can be engaging imaginative and fun to read .Reading fiction books are more interesting than non-fiction.

The non-fiction stories are based on facts and figures. They can be very interesting and joyous or depressing and moving (heart touching) as well. For instance I came across a story of a man who was born and raised the jail; all he knew was the four walls of jail and some undignified word. I could not forget this for months and kept on thinking of injustice done him. On the other hand it was amazing to read about a model, who in real life was very simple and down to earth. Most of the time fiction can be interesting than non-fiction.

For me I read both fiction and non- fiction depending upon my mood and available time. But the fiction has always tempted me more. Reading fiction makes me see certain things in a different way. It would prompt me to come up with new ideas. It also helps me set higher goals.
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