Fiction and Short Story

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I will make an analysis of the short story ”A Fortune” written by Joy Monica T. Sakaguchi. In the analysis I concentrate on the title's importance, an analysis of the narrator, the style and point of view and the main theme.

I don't keep the wallets anymore, but I do keep the cash. Literally. I have this huge cardboard box full of money that I have hidden in the room I rent. I don't know how much is in there, but it's a helluva lot. One day Pop will show up again. I'll hand him the boxful of money, he will throw me some bills, and then I'll just stow them away without counting them. That's what I think(page 1. line 28-33).

After reading the short story ones, is the meaning of the title very confusing. Because you can analyze it in two ways. The first is that hes occupation is a pickpocketing and has a huge cardboard box full of money. The second way to analyze the short story is the fortune cake's note and it's importance of the story.

''A change in your daily routine will lead you to treasure."(page 2 line 39)

The title “A fortune” has a important role in this story, because the fortune cookie change he's daily routine and it lead him to treasure.

“even after my old man skipped town without so much as a damn note or phone call for his only son.”(phage 1 line 27-28)

The narrator’s relation to the father isn't good, because he left the narrator and he's mother. The mother tries to teach him not to be like he's father, but he has not had any other role models in he's life, only the uncle's and he's profession as a drunk santa claus.

"Hey, stupid, how many times I gotta tell you not to keep the wallets? Whatcha gonna tell your ma if she finds them? That your old man's got you stealing for him?" Then he would proceed to whisk the green bills from the thin partitions. Usually he would hand me a couple of bills and I would absently stuff them in my sock without counting it. Of course I should have counted the money. I just didn't want to know...
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