Fiction Analysis Paper

Topics: The Cask of Amontillado, Edgar Allan Poe, Sherry Pages: 4 (1289 words) Published: May 4, 2013
Fiction Analysis Essay
Conflicts are in every story or book that you read. Why is the conflict necessary to make a story? What are the sources of the conflict? And how do conflict- causes, development, and resolution- create a theme? In the stories that we read in this class you have to really ask questions to come up with the specific conflict and theme that the writer wants you to understand. Some stories that I could use to relate to and answer these questions with are “The Yellow Wallpaper”, “Hills Like White Elephants”, and “The Cask of Amontillado”.

Why is the conflict necessary to make a story? From what I learned, if there were no conflict in a story then there wouldn’t be a story. Conflict in the story creates meaning for the readers; it makes the story in a sense. Conflict is necessary in a story for the purpose of us readers to stay glued to the story. If there were no conflict we wouldn’t want to red the story because it would be boring. For example in the story that we read called, “Hills Like White Elephants”, if there was no conflict then they wouldn’t be fighting and if they were then we wouldn’t know what about. When reading this story I have come to find out that there are two conflicts. The first conflict could be that the woman and the man are about to have a baby and they are struggling with either to keep the baby or go the abortion route. The other conflict could be that the man and the woman are having problems in their relationship, and the woman wants to know if he still loves her? “It’s really an awfully simple operation, Jig. It’s not really an operation at all. I know you wouldn’t mind it Jig. It’s really not anything. Its just to let the air in.” (553). That is a quote form the story “Hill Like Whit Elephants”, and this is when I start to think that they are going to have a baby and they are fighting over whether or not to have an abortion. “And if I do it you’ll be happy and things will be like they were and...
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