Fi504 - Accounting and Finance: Managerial Use & Analysis

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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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Keller Graduate School Of Management

FI504 - Accounting and Finance: Managerial Use & Analysis

Financial Statement Analysis Project - Hershey Corp. & Tootsie Roll Industries
For year 1 Analysis, enter number for each year, data entered just used for testing spreasheet accuracy
Use this spreadsheet for each year, numbers here need to be adjusted for each year. Financial Ratio CalculationsHersheyTootsie Roll

A. Liquidity Ratios

(1) Current Ratio:Current Assets$1,167,541 $246,096
Current Liabilities$606,444 $57,846
Current Assets
Current LiabilitiesCurrent Ratio =1.934.25

(2) Working Capital

Current Assets - Current LiabilitiesWorking Capital$561,097 $188,250

(3) Current Cash Debt Coverage Ratio
Cash Provided By OperationsCash Provided By Operations$706,405 $81,505 1.031.41 Average Current Liabilities2000 Current Liabilities$766,901 $57,446
2001 Current Liabilities$606,444 $57,846
Average Current Liabilities$686,673 $57,646

(4) Receivables Turnover RatioHersheyTootsie
Net Credit Sales$4,557,241 $423,496 11.7817.59
Net Credit Sales2000 Gross Receivables$395,680 $25,715 Average Gross Receivables2001 Gross Receivables$377,726 $22,440
Average Gross Receivables$386,703$24,078

(5) Average Collection Period (Average Age of Receivables)

Receivables Turnover RatioReceivables Turnover Ratio11.7817.5930.9820.75

(6) Inventory Turnover Ratio
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