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Insecticide Inspector & Agriculture officer
C/O Block Devlopment officer
P.S, Ambajogai

Subject:- Submission of Insecticide reference sample Triazophos 40%Ec in the Court.

Refference: Application under Section 24(3) of Insecticide Act 1968.

May I worship your honour

I undersigned herewith submitting the second / reference sample Insecticide (Section 22(b)(ii) of Insecticide Act 1968) as describe below to the court.

That, the details of second/reference sample (Section 22(6)(ii) of Insecticide Act 1968) are as follows:

1) Code no. of Sample : 1706020032012-2013I
2) Name of Insecticide : Triazophos 40%Ec
3) Date of Sampling : 26-07-2012

That, the above said Insecticide sample (250ml packing) is sealed in the cloth bag and having above description on cloth bag. The mark and Seal on the sample container (Cloth Bag) is intact and unbroken. So reference sample may be deposited in the court.

Date: / /2011
Place: Ambajogai

Insecticide Inspector
C/O, Block Devlopment officer P.S, Ambajogai 431517

See Section 3(K)(i) Insecticide Act
Memorandum of Government Analyst

The Government Analyst,
Central Insecticide Laboratory,
Directorate of Plant Protection,
Quarantine &Storage, NH-IV,
Faridabad (Hariyana) - 121001

Subject: Sending of refference sample for test, analysis.

Ref.: Misc. Cri. Appln. No. u/s 24(3)(4) of Insecticide Act, 1968

In reference to above mentioned application portion of Insecticide Sample (u/s 22(6)(ii), 6(iii) of Insecticide Act, 1968 describe below for test of analysis the portion of sample of this marked by me with following mark.

Details of portion of sample with the name of Insecticide which is porportes to contain enclosed:

1) Sample No....
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