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fffffffffffffffffffdsfsadfdsfsdfsdafdf gfgfdgdf jfajjf lkfhdshfklsdha dhfl djhh h njklfhd dfhuadshfkjlhd f hsdahjf d dhfilfh sda hldf asdj klf sdahf da ha ihf has kf fhaljhfdjkfDustin Horan, a tattoo artist said " I see all kinds of people coming to get tattoos, mothers and daughters going to get their first tattoos together, many different people are getting tattoos." It is obviously clear that tattoos have broken through their mysterious outlaw image in a sense. To many people it is a sign of rebellion that they wear proudly on the outside to show how they feel on the inside. But it goes even deeper than rebellion. Our culture has come a long way in what is seen as conservative and have exasperated many other ways of rebellion and more importantly ways of expressing themselves.

People have already seen it all and it was only a matter of time before they moved on and found something else. To a lot of people that would be tattoos. There is no greater commitment to something then to wear it permanently for everyone to see. The public has become fascinated with this concept of permanence and the beauty of a well executed tattoo. Somewhere down the line culture decided to turn their ignorance and fear into fascination. The fascination of being able to take control of one's body with permanent markings is becoming more apparent among people.

Tattoos have become therapy, they have become solutions to making people feel better about themselves. Chris Pfouts, the editor of "International Tattoo" magazine said "Many, many people get tattooed at low points in their lives, and the work is therapeutic that way. They feel boxed in, jammed up, unable to force a change anywhere in their lives- so they change the one thing they can for certain, their skin. This is one of the few times when tattooing flips its usual role. In other cases, people are taking what's inside of them, their pain or...

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