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Iam Fatima Alrahimi Saudi Nationality,17 years old date of birthday 1993 studding in CBA college. Iam living with my barns single states. Me and my family (my father, my mother) two brother all together staying in villa three flour in alrawdh district no 6 Jeddah Saudi Arabia, We have driven and three workers to serve us. have also four sister married and living with three Houston they have children (boys, girls)two each, of them had finished studying the oldest one is a doctor staying in canda.the other staying in Saudi Arabia (madina,Jeddah,taif). My brother are four tow of them are working the other two still studding.

My father name is Saad Mohammad alrahimi around 60 years old. date birth 1953 with good health. working free business(business man).

My mother name is Khadija Hassan around 52 years old. date of birth. House male with good health also. And all living together. our family original from wade Fatima near macca.From al angawi alshareef relative.

My Grandfather, Mohamed Mustafa alrahimi died 12 years ago from 83 years old.

grand mother
My grandmother name Hassan Mustafa alrahimi died 30 years ago for 62 years old ,both of them Saudi nationally from medina manor city S.A My grandmother name is Fatima Ali from Altif Saudi arbia died 50 years ago at 18 years old My father mother name is Fatima Hassan khalaf Saudi nationality from tbouk city died 15 years ago at 72 years old.
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