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I agree with the statement “the choices and actions one takes directly determine the directions one’s life will lead for better or worse”. I agree with this statement because of the butterfly effect that was in every movie, article, and book. Like Thor, the challenger explosion, and the sleeping bear dunes.

Thor decided to fight the frost giants and in doing so he created a war against them then Thor’s father sent him to earth without the power to return or use his powers until he learned his lesson so that he could return to his world and save the two worlds. If Thor wasn’t so careless in the beginning the whole war would not have happened.

The challenger explosion happened because there was a broken O ring. If the scientists didn’t overlook this problem then those people who died in the explosion would have lived the carelessness of these people cost the other people their life. I think that this could have been easily stopped the flight could have been postponed or even cancelled but it wasn’t and cost 7 people their life the families blame the space program for these deaths.

The sleeping bear dunes were created by a fire that the bears swam into Lake Michigan and the babies could not make it across so if the fire would not have happened then the dunes and islands would not have been formed and people would not have the dunes to admire and respect. But if the mother bear had the babies ride on her back the maybe the cubs would have survived but then sleeping bear dunes would never have been there.

These are the reasons for me agreeing with the statement “The choices and actions one takes directly determine the direction one’s life will lead for better or worse. I do believe this statement. I have many moments in my life that will affect me forever.
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