Seam (sewing)

Casual Dress (2-3y/o)

Materials Needed:
Ÿ1 ¼ yard Cotton Lining
Ÿ1 ¼ yard Fabric of your choice (*Any as long it’ll be comfy for kids. You can use Printed Charmeuse, Printed Linen or the likes) Ÿ8” Invisible zipper
ŸSmall Hook&Eye

ŸUse your 2-3y/o Basic Bodice and your 3-4 y/o BASIC SKIRT since you don’t have the matching pattern for the 2y/o bodice. JUST DON’T CLOSE THE DARTS and MAKE THE NECCESARY ADJUSTMENTS so that your WAIST will have the same measurement as the WAIST of your 3y/o skirt pattern. ŸAfter cutting your fabrics, EDGE ALL SIDES. Please, no more questions regarding this matter. Use the same color thread as your fabric. Expect long lines in class for the edging machine so if you want to finish on time, have it edged outside school or come early to class. ŸPlease follow STRICTLY half inch allowance on all sides.

ŸNO MORE REASONS or EXCUSES. Please follow directions so that we will have uniformity in our plates.


1. Draft and modify your patterns.
-For your Front bodice, subtract ¼ inch on the shoulders and ½ inch on your CF.
-For your Back bodice, subtract ¼ inch on the shoulders.

-For your Front and Back Skirt, extend 3 inches at the side, make a new line at the side. Up ½
inch, and make a curve. This is to make your skirt fuller. *Eliminate dart

-Draft your new patterns. Transfer them to your fabrics with the PROPER ALLOWANCE.

You should have 6 pieces for your fabric and 6 pieces for your lining.

2. Connect all sides of your Bodice. (Fabric and Lining)

3. Connect all sides of your Skirt. (Fabric and Lining)

4. Connect the waist of your Lining bodice to your Lining Skirt. *all side seams should be OPEN and ALIGNED. Do the same process with your actual fabric....
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