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PGDM (2010-2012)
Dissertation Guidelines

01. Introductory Remarks
The Final Year PGDM students are expected to write a Dissertation as partial requirement of the course. The objectives of this exercise are as follows: a) To gain a reasonable amount of knowledge and capability about the methods and techniques of research and research report-writing; b) To get specialized knowledge about a specific subject of one’s choice; c) To learn the skills of critical analysis and reflection on the chosen subject or topic and to offer concrete proposals to make further progress in this area or to solve the identified problems. d) To learn the art of professional and scientific way of studying and understanding any issue or problem.

This exercise will definitely give the students the much-needed practical knowledge to carry out the managerial and leadership functions and responsibilities in a scientific way in their professional work and in the work-field.

An Important Note
This report should be a completely personalized one, without blindly copying from any existing source, except for relevant references and quotations. Cut and Paste practice is forbidden. The students may, however, take ideas and information from different sources – books, journals, Internet, etc. Whenever important ideas, information, etc., are taken from other sources these should be duly acknowledged. If these are taken verbatim, these should be presented within quotes. If these are just borrowed, but not used verbatim, the source should be indicated.

Any report, which is not original and personalized, will not be accepted. It is the responsibility of the Guide to ensure that the report is prepared according to this prescription.

02. Different Steps
The following are the different steps:
a) During the fourth Semester, each student, under the guidance of a Faculty member, will undertake a scientific study of a specific field. b) The research study is to be conducted within the stipulated time-frame as indicated below. In case of empirical study the primary data collection must be completed within ten days of field work. c) Every student is expected to be constantly in touch with the Guide. He/she must meet the guide at least five times for this work: • i) at least once before beginning the work, to get the approval of the topic and the outline of the research project; • ii) at least twice at the time of collecting the data; • iii) at least twice while preparing the report. d) Once the report is submitted, it will be valuated by the Guide and marks will be given as indicated below. In addition, there will be a viva voce examination for 30 minutes to be conducted by a Board of two Faculty members.

03. Key Elements of the Research Report
a) Title: Choose a specific topic, the more specific the topic is, the better will be the study itself.

b) Introduction: The following should form the content of the Introduction. In other words, the writer (scholar) should inform the reader about the following five things: a) what he/she is writing about;

b) the purpose or the aim;
c) the scope and limitations of the work;
d) the method or approach that is being adopted for writing this report; e) how the sub-divisions or chapters have been made.

Usually the introduction is written at the end, after completing the main section of the dissertation. By reading the Introduction, the reader should be able to have a clear idea of what is going to be the content of the entire dissertation. The matters that are actually related to the topic of the Dissertation should be placed in the relevant sections of the main body of the Report.

c) Literature Review: The literature review briefly discusses the different publications on the topic or related areas and highlights what is going to be new in the present study. This review is done only by using the professional journals or...
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