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  • Published: September 7, 2011
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Faculty of Law and Management

School of Business

Faculty of Law and Management

School of Management

International Marketing

Subject Learning Guide


Andrew Gilmore


1.0Subject information at a glance3
2.0Subject description4
3.0Learning and assessment4
3.1Learning objectives4
3.2Assessing the learning objectives4
3.3Assessment tasks5
3.3.2Case Study6
3.3.3Final eamination6
3.3.4Group assignment6
3.4Assessment requirements and definitions10
3.4.1Passing the Subject11
3.4.2Penalties for late assignments11
3.4.3Assessment criteria for group assignment11
3.4.4Format and submission of the group assignment.11
3.4.5Academic plagiarism13
3.5Special circumstance processes15
4.0Teaching arrangements18
4.1Normal schedules18
4.2OASIS Tutorial enrolment18
5.0Learning resources23
5.1Prescribed and recommended texts23
5.1.1Prescribed text23
5.1.2Other references23
5.1.3Journals and business articles24
5.1.4Web based resources24
5.2Online support25
5.3La Trobe Library: resources for marketing25
6.0Feedback and quality assurance processes26
7.0Learning effectively in this Subject26
Appendix 1: Marking Guide for Assignment 128
Appendix 2: Marking Guide for Assignment 2 29 Appendix 3: Peer Review and Statement of Authorship Form30
Appendix 4: La Trobe Library Resources31

1.0Subject information at a glance

Academic and support staff:Andrew GilmoreSubject CoordinatorEmail: andrew.gilmore@latrobe.edu.auTelephone: 03 9479 2365Lecturer/Tutor: Andrew GilmoreDWB324Tariq Halimi – TutorRoom 234, Education 1 BuildingEmail: t.halimi@latrobe.edu.au Telephone: 03 9479 5311| Enrolment requirements:Prerequisites:MKT1MDP or THS2TH or THS2IMTCredit value: 15 Credit Points| Assumed entry skills and knowledge:It is assumed...
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