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ANALYSIS OF SOEHARTO'S MORAL ATTITUDES IN "SOEHARTO: MY THOUGHTS, WORDS AND DEEDS" ELISA NURFRIYANA , DR. RITA SUTJIATI Undergraduate Program, 2008 Gunadarma University Keyword : ANALYSIS, SOEHARTO, MORAL, ATTITUDE ABSTRACT : A book report is an essay, which gives Summary of a book and reaction to it. It includes information about title, place and year of publication as well as a Summary of the content of the book. In order to make a book report of this book, the writer explained about author, title, place and year publication, the Summary of and evaluation of this book. The book that the writer chooses "The Unofficial and Unauthorized Biography of Madonna." It is about the journey life from a famous woman "Madonna" The writer chooses this book because it tells about Madonna's life, as a superstar, and everybody in the world knows her. By reading it, the readers will have much information from their idol, especially for Madonnaâs fans. Madonna was born in the poor family, but she never ashamed with her conditions. This condition makes her strong. She always searches the way how to get what she wants in her life. There are many ways she through, until she get her ambitions to be a singer, an artist, an author, and a good mother for her children.


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: Elisa Nurfriyana : 10604038 : English : Dr. Rita Sutjiati : Nurochman, Sag, SS, MHum

CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION 1.1. Background of the Research 1.1.2. Justification of the Research Ramadhan K.H. and G. Dwipayana are the great author. Ramadhan K.H. was born in Bandung, March 16th 1927. He writes poem, short story, novel, biography, such as Kemelut hidup (1977), Ku antar ke gerbang: Kisah cinta Ibu Inggit dan Bung Karno (1981), Kita banyak berdusta – wawancara pers dan Laksamana Sukardi (2000), Jakarta dan Berlin dalam cermin puisi (2002). G. Dwipayana is one of film director in Indonesia. He was born in East Java, December 12th 1932. He is ex...

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