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I do agree with keeerthi there may have been many gr8 people who have reached 2 heights and that 2 without the support of family....................but in my opinion what is the use of going to such a height where u r no longer able to see near and dear one's around.... man is a social animal and we can't live alone and further sacrificing family n going 2 top doesn't serve purpose. We may reach to top but what will be the use of that thing when there’ll be none around...the path of balancing is defiantly not smooth but then we can always spare some time for our family can't we? Reaching top is ever person's dream n in my opinion it can be fulfills in better way if we have support of family.... ignoring then for heights may lead us there but then they won't be there.............and money is not everything...it is imp no doubt but then we also require our family for many reasons at various stages of life..............and only running after profession at the cost of family may give one fame, glory, heights n all but the thing that won't be there will be MENTAL PEACE. Something which we can't afford to ignore...............and further there is no priority here there is no comparison we can't leave one and go for other.... both of these need to go side by side. Leaving either one doesn't solve the purpose.. sridevi_p_549 Hi frnz, I agree with u all. And in my opinion BALANCE BETWEEN PROFESSIONALISM AND FAMILY is very much required. These days man became money minded and he is trying to lead luxurious life. For that he is missing his family members love and affection and working hard for money. Of course some persons are even forgetting some of the sweetest days in his life like his bday and his family members bdays etc. He is fully concentrating on how to earn money. If we concentrate only on professionalism we may get fame and money but we loose many sweetest moments in our life. First give importance to well wishers and family members. Next preference to frship and...
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