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By | October 2012
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In each of the cases we've examined, gender and the different social roles defined for men or women play an important role in the crime, the social and legal reactions to it, and the outcome. In your essay, consider the significance of gender and how it shapes at least two of these cases.

Name two of the cases:

In the cases we have previously examined, we dealt with race, social roles, and gender, and how the can contribute to an outcome of a case. Race back in the 1800s was a white vs. black; slavery time, and for the majority of this period blacks were wrongfully charged for crimes and their pleas weren’t heard in the court room. Social roles that both men and women had held the men at the top of the chain while they gave the women what they are suppose to do and what they are not to do. Lastly gender, I believe out of all this one has most effect on these cases. Even though we can’t always look past the color, being a man back in these times was helpful. Even though we have seen Race and social roles play apart in these cases, gender is the one that has affected the most.

If we were able to ask the women that were apart of the Salem witch craft trails haw was it being a woman during these times, I’m positive we would get the same reaction of horrible. During this time men ruled the world. They kept all the high titles and made all the rules. Women on the other hand, were basically their prodigy wives and daughters. The epidemic of this time period was the accusations of witch craft from the women of Salem. And in a time period where technology didn’t exist as it does today and what should be considered to be normal and ordinary acts were looked upon by other citizens trying to only save themselves, as devilish acts. Some of these so called devilish acts were the pains and sicknesses women and young girls would experience with their menstrual and menopause and would appear as if the devil was taking over the...

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