Feudal Europe

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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Feudalism ran deep in parts of Western Europe and went as far as Japan. These places differed greatly. Society, religion and art demonstrated how different they really are. Their economies, however, illustrates how similar these two countries can be.

The religion in the two feudal periods differed in many ways. Feudal Europeans showed devotion to the Catholic Church. Their devotion ran very deep and grew greatly over time. While future Feudal Japanese peoples’ cooperation between monastatic orders and court aristocrats were promoted by secret texts and ceremonies of esoteric Buddhism. In early feudal Europe many people followed Christian rituals without knowing if they would be disagreeing with Christian morals. Buddhism was increasingly transforming by aristocrats and peasants into a distinctively unique Japanese Religion.

Other factors that caused the two feudal eras to differ were their very distinct societies. The feudal European society was influenced greatly by the Catholic Church. The church had become the most powerful institution of the West. Japanese Society in feudal times was influenced by China. Japanese Rulers sought to build a Chinese mannered bureaucracy and society. The peasants of feudal Japan rose up in hopelessness, were poorly fed and were a major source of growing misery. The European peasants (also called serfs) were agricultural workers who lived on the estates of land lords and received protection in exchange for some of their goods. Feudalism was very common in these estates or manors. This was the system of economic and political relations between landlords and laborers. Peasants in feudal Japan usually turned to Buddhist monks instead of landlords. They believed the monks could cure ailments and even turn their luck.

The differences in art of feudal Europe and Japan were very significant. Europeans tended to focus more on religious forms of arts and architecture whereas the Japanese focused on writings and poetry. European...
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