Fetish Slaves

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  • Published : October 24, 2012
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“Fetish Slaves”

Kevin Bramblett

Humanities 240 / Converging Hemisphere
Amy Sayre-Roberts
Due Date: 12/09/2010

“Fetish Slaves”

An expert on modern slavery, Dr. Kevin Bales stated “It’s as if all identity has been stolen from them, except their identity as slaves.” This statement is exemplified when you look at the Trokosi sex slaves of West Africa. At a very young age Mewornovi Kokou was taken from her family and enslaved by a local priest to atone for her distant relatives crimes (Booker, 1996). Young girls from all over this particular region have to endure life-long suffrage at the hands of “priests” due to ancient beliefs. There are many different aspects when it comes to the Trokosi sex slaves. One has to take into account the ethics of religion, culture, and greed when drawing a conclusion to whether Trokosi sex slavery should be permitted. Trokosi is a century's long practice of taking a virgin girl from their family and giving them to a local priest to keep from bad spirits from coming down upon the household due to crimes committed from times past. The meaning of the work Trokosi is explained by taking tro meaning 'god' or 'shrine' and kosi meaning 'slave'. (Asamoah-Gyadu, 2004) Trokosi originates from the same belief system as voodoo and is practiced in at least 12 shrines in Ghana and many others in Togo and Benin (Booker, 1996). The enslaved girls and women endure a life long servitude to the priest. The Trokosi have a multitude of jobs when it comes to pleasing their owner. The young girls and woman are expected to work in the fields all day and submit to every sexual desire the priest may have. Another job of the Trokosi is to bear the priests' children which also become slaves to him. Another added bonus for the priest is that he is not responsible for the food, clothing, or medical care of the young woman or his offspring under his...
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