Festivals of India

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Free Essay on Festivals of India.

There are occasions in the life of a community when its members give themselves up to jollity. There is joy and excitement. The dull routine of life is broken. People dress themselves up in their best.

Such occasions are called festivals. There is not a community which does not observe such occasions. They are an important link to connect the present with the past. Our society celebrates many festivals. Some are celebrated in the memory of our national heroes, to mark either their birth, or death. The Diwali and the Dussehra and the Janmashtami of the Hindus, Muharram of the Mohammedans, Christmas and Easter of the Christians are such festivals. Children enjoy themselves heartily. They dress themselves gaily. The bazaars wear .a festive look. The Diwali of the Hindus, particularly, is celebrated with great joy. The bazaars, streets and houses are illuminated. There are dazzling lights everywhere. The sweetoneat shops are a special attraction. Crackers are fired. Children make merry.

Then there are religious festivals. These are celebrated by the people professing different faiths. Christmas and Easter of the Christians, Raksha Bandhan and Ganga Snan of the Hindus, Id of the Muslims, Rath Yatra of the Jains and Gurparbs of the Sikhs are festivals of this kind.

There are some seasonal festivals also. They mark the beginning or the end of season. Holi, for example, marks the. end of the winter season. People sprinkle water on one another. They apply 'gulal' and other colours on the faces. They meet relatives and friends. Baisakhi marks the end of the harvesting season. The farmers make merry. Basant, again, marks the...
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