Festival of Buffalo Fights

Topics: Tourism, Vietnam, Lunar calendar Pages: 16 (5917 words) Published: January 24, 2013
1. Rationale:1
2. Objectives of the study:1
3. Methodology:1
4. Scope of the study:1
5. Structure of the study:2
1.Background information about Festival of Buffalo Fights in Do Son3 2.History of Festival of Buffalo Fights in Do Son3
a.Hallow of Tuoc Diem King4
b.Legend of Ms De.4
c.Hallow of Orca.4
3.Preparations before the festival5
4.Rituals and activities6
5.Special characteristics8
6.Some changes9
7.Advices for visitors10
8.Some typical features of Hai Phong10


1. Rationale:

In modern life, when tourism is more and more widely known and becomes an integral part, the type of innovation and tourism activities in order to attract customers always focuses. However, people are not always looking for something new in their journey. To experience, a large portion of the tourists go back to roots, the traditional festival – which contains the special culture of ethnics and different regions. Enjoys the festival, tourists can be immersed in the cultural space with many new emotional such as solemn, exciting, funny and even high temperature. This is the reason created the impulse to the tourism industry in many countries around the world including Vietnam. In Vietnam, festivals are always in the center of attention. When the great festivals come, in all regions, people eager to participate, of course, festival also attracts very much tourists from all over the world. It can be confirmed that attraction from the festival brought a steady source of tourists for our tourism. In the others side, festival also is a place where storage and transmission on to descendants the special cultural values and familiarity of the ancient, so the development and conservation of the festival is really necessary. This assignment covers the topic of festival. My group chooses topic Festival of Buffalo Fights in Do Son, Hai Phong to learn and research about the unique traditional cultural in this festival. Since then, take the useful knowledge for our work practices and the development and protection of the ancient festival in the country.

2. Objectives of the study:

After done this assignment, we have pick up lots of useful knowledge for the learning process as well as new information about traditional rituals previously unknown. In addition to pick up knowledge, the continue practice of these exercises have helped us develop the poor skills, improve thinking ability, complete and arrangement information, select correct information and translate is not awkward… Finally, researching and doing exercises also help us have some new and funny experiences.

3. Methodology:

To do this assignment, we researched, selected and used the sources of information on the net work and looking for some reference books on culture. Of course, the uses of these skills are trained as summary, evaluation and assessment…is indispensable.

The same time, the help from pictures also contributed most of the effort in this exercise. We are also used PowerPoint software to construct a slide to illustrate the presentation to make sure the presentation took place in the best way as much as possible.

4. Scope of the study:

This assignment is limited in scope Festival of Buffalo Fights in Do Son, Hai Phong, with very much different sources of information. This scope is not over wide but can be show most of history and legend of the festival in our researching and summing abilities.

5. Structure of the study:

The structure includes two main parts:
➢ Part 1: General introduction about the rationale, objectives, methodology, scope and structure of the...
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