Fertilizer Industry

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The Changing Crop Dynamics:
India has been historically been an agricultural economy ruled by Cereals as seen in the chart. But this has been changing in the recent times by Horticulture and Floriculture being focused on. The figure shows the dominant crops in the Indian agricultural industry

Shard Pawars Interview
Union agriculture minister Sharad Pawar has said that the union government will divert its focus from food grain production to floriculture and horticulture as farmers in India have produced more than enough food grains to ensure food security. Pawar was speaking at a function organized by the Rose society in Pune on Saturday. Pawar said, "Farmers in our country have worked hard and as a result all government go downs are overflowing. In fact now the government has no space to store food grains. This year India has exported 40 lakh tonne rice, 30 lakh tonne sugar and 25 lakh tonne wheat to other countries. And still we have sufficient food grains in stock". We have succeeded in resolving the food security problem and now the government is diverting its focus from food grain production. Now India needs to concentrate on floriculture and horticulture. The government will help farmers to establish a chain of cold houses and encourage them to grow more flowers and fruits with international market in mind". "World over the market for flowers and fruits is expanding. In over 600 billion dollar flower market, India's share is minimal. Efforts will be taken to increase this share" said Pawar. He said that India stood second in the list of largest fruit and vegetable producing nations in the world.

Soil Agronomics:

The above is the soil Agronomics of the Indian region which shows the different Soil types. MAJOR SOIL GROUPS:
The great diversity in landforms, geological formations and climate Conditions in India has resulted in a large variety of soils. Apart from a few soil orders (Andisols and Spodosols), all the major soils of the world are represented in India. Broadly, Indian soils consist of eight major groups, of which four are of agricultural importance: alluvial soils, black soils, red soils and lateritic soils. The four other broad soil groups that occur fairly extensively in India are: saline and sodic soils, desert soils, forest and hill soils, and peaty and marshy soils. These soil groups are related closely to the geographical character and the climate of the regions in which they occur.

Soil Deficiencies:
Now the figures shows the extent of deficiency of nutirents in the Indian soil. The sampling was donw in diffrent part of the country and the result showed that Nitrogen was the most defiecient Nuitrient in the soil.

Landholding in India:

Indian agriculture is characterized by the small size of farm holding and the size is decreasing continuously. There are about 115.6 million holdings in India with an average size of 1.4 ha. The size of farm holdings in India fell from 2.3 ha in 1970/71 to 1.47 ha in 1995/96. About 62 Percent of the farm holdings are less than 1 ha, covering only 17.2 percent of the agricultural land. The large holdings (10 ha and more) constitute only 1.2 percent of the total number but cover about 14.8 percent of the total cultivated area. The holdings are also fragmented. This is a serious impediment to the mechanization of Indian agriculture.

Fertilizer Consumption:
Fertilizer consumption was less than 1 million tonnes before the mid- 1960s. With the introduction of high-yielding variety (HYV) seeds, there was acceleration in the growth of fertilizer consumption. It reached 12.73 Million tonnes in 1991/92 as against 0.78 million tonnes in 1965/66. After The decontrol of P and K fertilizers the growth in consumption slowed. The highest consumption was recorded in 1999/2000 (18.07 million tonnes of nutrients). Since then, the growth in consumption has been erratic. In 2003/04, total nutrient consumption was 16.8 million tonnes. The...
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