Ferrero Rocher

Topics: Management, Service, Service system Pages: 20 (6094 words) Published: October 18, 2012
International Journal of Bank Marketing
Emerald Article: What makes contact employees perform? Reactions to employee perceptions of managerial practices Jean-Charles Chebat, Barry Babin, Paul Kollias

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What makes contact employees perform? Reactions to employee perceptions of managerial practices Jean-Charles Chebat  Ecole des HEC-Montre Quebec, Canada Âal, Barry Babin The University of Southern Mississippi, Mississippi, USA Paul Kollias IBN Ltd, Montreal, Canada


Employee attitudes, Service industries, Management culture, Behavioural sciences

A service firm's success depends ultimately upon the performance of its customer-contact employees. Ironically, based upon the typical pay level of many front-line service providers, the most critical employees are also among the least well paid. Service managers are challenged to effectively shape work environments so that customer-contact employees willingly deliver outstanding customer service. Retail and service firms attempt to ``control'' customer-contact employees by monitoring and rewarding input processes, job processes, and by shaping the desired outcomes (Babin and Boles, 1996; Lusch and Jaworski, 1991; Jaworski, 1988). The amount and types of training received by a customercontact employee represent input controls. Process controls include managers' everyday prioritization, or commitment to excellent service quality. Output controls generally include attempts at shaping behavior through extrinsic rewards, including pay, and by producing a more empathetic work environment. The research described in this paper explores the...
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