Ferrari Case Study

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  • Published : May 24, 2013
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Ferrari Case Study

Ferrari transformed itself during the period from 1950 to 2004 as a racing car to a company owning the most expensive cars and as F1 has been a great journey since the beginning when Enzo Ferrari himself drove a racing car and on his victory he acquired a prancing horse logo so that he could use that for his racing cars. During the early 1950’s Ferrari dominated the F1 Grand Prix but later competition grew from Mercedes and Auto-Unions from Germany. By late sixties Ferrari merged with Fiat and had a huge booster in the cash flow and R&D. Due to this Ferrari had unparalleled the 1980s, new aerodynamics was introduced by Lotus and was used by Williams and Brabham. But Ferrari was involved in developing its turbo jet v6 engine for the long. During this time Ferrari was loosing its charm in the racing end and as a result John Benard was recruited but he was not equipped to move to Italy.But the death of Enzo emptied a huge gap in the company and due to the politics inside the company, John Benard joined 1989.The company was falling apart. Fiat chairman appointed Luca di Montezemolo as CEO of Ferrari. With the signing of John Barnard in 1992.he also bought the mid seventies successors. And so by doing this Ferrari got back into the race and after such a long drought, Ferrari won their title after 21 years gap.
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