Ferrari Case

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1. Identify the design element of Ferrari.
Ferrari has market positioned itself which signifies speed, design and symbol as an engineering marvel in market. The basic element to become a Ferrari deals with the aerodynamic design to create a negative lift of the body. The Ferrari design also implies light weight, stronger chassis, and smooth edges in order to minimize the resistance of the air pressure on external body. Taking a final view of the skeleton of the body, it has been designed such that all the components are bonded properly in there designed slots in the chassis. Along with this above design elements, differential axle alignment is designed by latest hydraulic and pneumatic technology which gives easy and light control over high speed to the user. 2. What is industrial espionage?

The term ‘espionage’ is defined as the theft of trade secrets by copying or recording of valuable information in a company for use by competitors. It is the theft of information which provides a particular company, its competitive advantage over its competitors. So to identify activities which are incorporated within the industry it is very vital to earn copyrights, trademarks to differentiate the precious owned values from others. 3. What are the unique features in Ferrari manufacturing process? Ferrari manufacturing process is a perfect mixture of human efforts and machine efforts. There are several manufacturing units like sand casting, weaving which are carried out with help of semi automates but operated manually, while other processes like color spray, quality check of body etc are purely managed by automates. Comparing to the inspection systems of other car companies, every Ferrari has to be inspected at 115 stages which signify assured quality of the product. 4. Identify the different shops that have been mentioned in the video. As per the video, three shops are...
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