Fern Hill Essay

Topics: Light, Life, Universe Pages: 4 (1530 words) Published: July 26, 2008
The poem ‘Fern Hill” by Dylan Thomas clearly illustrates the content and joy of a young person’s connections to nature while playing on his farm. This character, who is probably a boy, has recounted some of his good times while living on the farm as a child. This child has experienced an endless landscape of a beautiful and vast nature through the existence of plants, animals, the sky, rivers and stars. The abundance of nature and life creates a sense of reality within the poem and appreciation for some of the fundamental things in the world. “Fern Hill” also presents the same view through the eyes of an adult who reflects on his past and the joys of the great things he or she has experienced. This poem helps one appreciate the nature around them and the little time that they have to see it and feel attached to it. It also helps one appreciate that nature has a connection to heavenly forces and God, and that when you see and have experienced nature, you will never want to leave it behind. “Fern Hill” contains much imagery, many personifications and symbols to bring out the vibrancy of nature depicted on the farm and it’s relation with the speaker in this poem.

The poem, “Fern Hill” contains an abundance of imagery used to help depict the significance of nature in our lives. One specific use is of natural imagery. This poem is based upon a young person describing his farm from the grass and apples to the fields and rivers and even the foxes and horses. A microcosm of this is demonstrated in the poem as it explains “And honoured among wagons I was prince of the apple towns/And once below a time I lordly had the trees and leaves/Trail with daisies and barley” (Thomas ll 6-8). This quote is important because it explains the child’s connection with the farm and the nature that engulfs it. The quote states the young child is honoured, is a prince and is lordly among things in the farm. The point of this is to demonstrate the character’s enjoyment and connection to...
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