Ferdinand Magellan Essay Outline

Topics: Americas, Pacific Ocean, South America Pages: 1 (329 words) Published: May 29, 2013
I. Introduction
A. Can you guess who the first to sail around the world was? B. Magellan’s childhood, how he started exploring, and his last famous journey until his death C. Traveled around the world to find a westward route to the Spice Islands, lifespan (15th century), journey (1519-1521) II. Subtopic 1- Childhood

A. Learned hunting from father when a child
B. Parents died when 10 years old, appointed as queen’s messenger in royal court at age 12
C. Became interested in sailing when being educated in court
D. Inspired by Columbus’ journey to the “New World” III. Subtopic 2- How He Started Exploring
A. Joined expedition to India to establish new leader
B. Got caught in battle when local king rejected practice of paying tribute C. Accused of trading illegally, shunned by Portuguese and forced to look for work in Spain. D. After a few years, heard word that Spain needed explorer to find westward route to Spice Islands, hired Magellan making deal that if Spain sponsored journey, he would sail on behalf of Spain IV. Subtopic 3- Last Expedition

A. Sailed eastward towards North America
B. Finally found Strait of Magellan at southern tip of South America
C. Named Pacific Ocean and sailed across it to reach Philippines D. Provoked war between Magellan and islanders when he tried to convert islanders to Christianity, killed on battlefield V. Conclusion

A. Educated in royal court, inspired by Christopher Columbus, accused of being a traitor and therefore shunned by Portuguese, sailed westward in hopes of finding a strait leading to the Spice Islands, killed in battle at Philippines B. Credited with being the first to circumnavigate world when Magellan himself did not even make it to the Spice Islands, named Pacific Ocean and Strait of Magellan, explored and made the first maps of South America C. Had a great ambition in life, inspired others to start exploring more, started the age of exploration which is still going on now
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