Feral Children

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (HCLAS) is divided into three divisions: Humanities, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences. Each division has goals to achieve for each student, but HCLAS has a many objectives to achieve as a whole. Like any other college, HCLAS seeks to attract young students who want to learn in a different way. In order to do this, HCLAS describes itself as a college where students are encouraged to think creatively and freely.

The factor that differentiates HCLAS from any other school in Hofstra is the liberty that is granted to each student that is part of it. HCLAS takes pride in this and focuses its goals to surround this freedom of expression. Students are asked to think freely of what they learn and come up with their own conclusions. Creativity is encouraged whether it is expressed in writing, painting or dance. In HCLAS, students learn to connect the material they are taught with their own lives and with the world around them. This gives students a better understanding of the reason for different works of literature as well as works from science departments. One of the goals of HCLAS is that students become observers and think critically about their surroundings. They must use these perceptions and be able to transmit them adequately. Learning the ability to communicate effectively is an integral part of HCLAS as each division requires that students can do so. The skills that students learn in HCLAS are not only helpful in an individual’s academic life. Thanks to what they learn in HCLAS, the transition from college to the real world becomes smoother. HCLAS aims to this because they want their graduates to be full rounded humans. One important goal of HCLAS is to get students to work in their field of study before they graduate. HCLAS feels this is important because it gives each student the opportunity to gain experience and to understand exactly what they are expected to do once they start working as...