Feng Shui

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Nowadays people are decorating their room by feng shui. For example, there is no bedroom in hotel which put the beds opposite of the door. Interestingly, make a good feng shui room is not difficult as many people though, only make a little adjustment in a room can bring a good energy and luck. Feng shui on interior design is so important to some strong believers in the Chinese communities, that they use it for healing purposes (although there is no empirical evidence that this practice is in any way effective) in addition to guide their businesses and create a peaceful atmosphere in their homes. In our daily lives, there are three important rooms have to design by feng shui way – bedrooms, living rooms and office Firstly, bedroom. A feng shui bedroom is very important since peoples averagely spend 1/3 of their time in their bedroom. A good feng shui bedroom can produce nourishing and sensual energy. On the other hand, a bad feng shui bedroom can let lover argue, even separate and can’t let people sleep. There are three avoidances have to follow: Do not place the bed opposite of the door this will cause a nightmare when peoples sleep. Do not hang mirror on the opposite wall- it’s said that our soul leave during we sleep, so it may reflect itself. Do not situate your bed directly under the window because the energy come from window will disturb your sleep

Secondly, Living rooms. The hub of family life, the Feng Shui living room is a place to receive and entertain guests as well as being an area in which to relax and unwind. Main living area should be on the ground floor, not upstairs which is attractively decorated and the first thing people see upon entering the house. Make sure a living room must have a clutter-free room otherwise peoples will find it difficult to relax in such an environment. Light up dark corners by lighting, the good energy will fill up the room if the room lighted up

Finally, Office....
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