Fences Make Good Neighbors

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Fences Make Good Neighbors

Good Fences Do Make Good Neighbors

Is it necessary to build a fence if we trust our neighbors? If a fence is necessary, it should be a good fence. Not meant to be a barricade, but to prevent our neighbors from invading our privacy. It is also used to give one the right to do what they please on their property without any disruption or interruption from their neighbors. This is what is being discussed in Robert Frost’s poem the “Mending Wall.” Having a good fence allows for privacy and is the right of a homeowner.

“The central theme of "Mending Wall" is whether it is wise to erect walls and other types of barriers.” not this period (Cummings, 2008).this period is correct An immediate reading seems to suggest that walls or fences are obstacles and if you tear them down you can open up the door to friendship, unity, and better communication. Nevertheless, the one neighbor insists that “good fences make good neighbors.” same here (Davis and Lynn, 2006, p. 82).

The destruction of the Berlin Wall in 1989 demonstrates the point that Frost is trying to make that walls or barriers are obstacles.

The Berlin Wall, which had divided Berlin since 1961, "fell" on

November 9. For almost 30 years, the Wall and the heavily fortified border between East and West Germany kept East Germans as prisoners in their own country, tore families apart, and caused many deaths when East Germans were shot trying to flee. I am not going continue to correct them as you get the point by now. (McGill, 2009, p. 1-2).

The original Berlin Wall was a collection of wire and loose cinder blocks;

however, over the years, turned out to become a concrete barrier that stood fifteen feet high. There were sections of the wall that included watchtowers, electric fences, and automatic guns. In addition, there was a smaller wall that enclosed West Berlin completely which kept all of the East Germans out of West Berlin. Although an obstacle, it did not stop the East Germans from attempting to escape into West Berlin. While half of these people succeeded, the other half were captured or killed trying to escape.

In the late 1980’s, with the collapse of communism, the East German government opened its borders to West Berlin and the wall, “which had become a symbol of the hostilities and mistrust of the Cold War era,” (McGill, 2009,

p. 1-2) was torn down. This allowed Germany to reunite and was once again a single democratic country.

The Berlin Wall was not used in a way that was beneficial to the East and West; it was used as a way to imprison its people to keep them under the communist control. Had the Berlin Wall been used strictly for the purpose of separating the East from the West without the use of force to hold the citizens of East Berlin as hostages then the wall could have been a good neighbor and still allowed for communication while each individual country maintained their privacy.

Another influential fence or barrier, and probably one of the most famous structures in the world that was made by man is The Great Wall of China. It is more than just a physical wall; it stands as a symbol of the Chinese culture and the strength of the Chinese people. It took thousands of years to construct and millions of workers, many of who gave their lives serving their country.

The Great Wall is over 4,000 miles and no one has ever determined the exact route of the wall because most of it has been destroyed. It covers all types of landscape, including steep slopes, mountains and deserts; and no part of the wall looks the same, because it was built with whatever materials were available to the workers at the time and place that they were building.

The Chinese people had originally begun to construct walls to protect themselves when they settled in small farming communities; however, when these farming communities had become states they were constantly battling each other. They had built miles and miles of walls to...
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