"Fences" Book Report

Topics: August Wilson Pages: 4 (1539 words) Published: November 30, 2010
August Wilson
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The play Fences is another phenomenal play penned by, one of the best authors of all time, August Wilson. Among Wilsons writings are: The Piano Lesson, King Hedley II, Ma Rainy's Black Bottom, Joe Turner's Come and Gone, Seven Guitars, Two Trains Running, Jitney and Radio Golf. His plays have been produced all over the world. The play Fences tells the story of an African American family living in the 1950’s a time when racial discrimination was at its maximum. The story outline a man by the name of Troy Maxson, who undoubtedly is the major character of the play, who is struggling to make ends meet for his family. The family lived in a poverty struck home were they dealt with domestic dispute, infidelity, and embezzlement of money. The opening scene starts on a Friday evening with Troy and his best friend Bono. Friday nights are they drinking nights, and so Troy retells the story of how he fought death as death wanted to over throw him but he succeeded Troy Maxson declares, "Death ain't nothing but a fastball on the outside corner." he is then interrupted by his bother Gabriel. Gabriel was shot in the head during a war for his country; he survives but is now mentally challenged. Gabriel then starts telling Troy that he had seen his name in the book of judgment as saint but he did not see Rose’s name. Troy was a former Baseball player for the Negro leagues. He wanted to succeed with his baseball career but the time wasn’t right for him and due to racial discrimination, Troy could not play in the major leagues even though he was better than the white men who played baseball. When Troy found Rose and they had a baby, he then gave up his passion for baseball to raise the family. However, it was hard for him to get a job so he robbed and stole in which he accidentally killed a man and went to jail. Cory’s childhood was unaccompanied by his father and he did not understand the importance of relating himself to his...
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