Feminist Theory

Topics: Sociology, Gender, Criminology Pages: 1 (344 words) Published: November 14, 2010
In the aspect of gender, deviance can be considered as a most men’s activity. The factors that contribute to the low rate of deviance among women are socialization, social control and deviant opportunity. Almost all the institution women are socialize and taught to be less aggressive than males. However, social control inside female is subjected to greater parental supervision and social control than males. In the view of deviant opportunity, women are not so enjoy with this opportunity. To explain the previous statement, job is the factor because mostly women work indoor not like the truck driver or other where their job would provide the opportunity for theft and other illegal activity. There is a theory which supports the above paragraph that is Feminist theory. Most of the deviant theory is meant for everyone but feminist disagree by state that is applicable to men behavior only nevertheless for the female. About the Merton’s strain theory, it state that people are inclined to make every effort for material success but is true for men not women. The reason is male and female are socialized in a different way. Conventionally, women are less interested in achieving material success and they are more likely to look for emotional fulfillment through close relationship. On the other hand, the strain theory believed that women who have strong desire for financial success but little access to opportunity are as likely as men similar circumstance to commit a crime. Nowadays, a ambitious women could have a high position in the organization but they faced with the lack of opportunity for a superior economic success unlike the men to involve in deviant activities. Feminist theory considered women as victims and offenders. As a victim, most of the women are raped and have been sexual harassment due to patriarchal society which is male domination world. As a offenders, an increase in female crime is not great enough to be significant due to gender inequality and less...
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