Feminist Theology Is a Complement to Pastoral Theology

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  • Published : November 14, 2010
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Feminist theology is a complement to pastoral theology contributions to theology. Generally, a feminist theologian seeks critical understanding of traditional challenge of male-dominated images of God and humanity. Feminist wants equal rights in the understanding of women and men. They want to be endorsed by other contemporary theological practices. Understanding humanity is central to Christians. Humans are created in God’s image. The question “is God male” has bearing on whether only males can be the most perfect creatures. The experience of women is important to understanding human experiences. For example, a woman giving birth is a unique individual experience. Feminist theology encapsulates the three programs:

• relational patterns in the midst of humans
• human personification
• human judgment of the significance and regard of the world of nature Applying these principles enables feminist to study the biblical study concepts equally. The experiences of women as women are important in the understanding of human experience. Feminist theology pays attention to interrelationship between experience, theory, and practice. Feminist contribution is common with liberal perspectives. The challenges are, feminist want all women and men to interpret all experiences and believe that the word of God and life are insurmountable in the experiences of all Christians. This common liberal prospective is the praxis at the center of theological development. The word of God is fruit for the spirit. For Christians to say we love God, and what Christ has done for the world, we should all rejoice. Many feminine theologians spread the word of God through the world. They are highly respected by their male counterparts. Feminist theologians play one of the biggest roles in developing...
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