Feminist Research

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  • Published : February 24, 2011
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MSc Marketing & Strategy

IB9X30 Research Methods for Marketing & Strategy
Individual assignment

Option B- Critical Analysis of: Martin, D.M, Schouten, J.W, & McAlexander, J.H. 2006. Claiming The Throttle: Multiple femininities in a hyper-masculine subculture, Consumption, Markets & Culture, 9:3, 171-205.

Title: Grasping the nature of Feminist Ethnography. Submission date: December 4,2010 Warwick ID: 1058761 Word count: 1960 Words     “All the work contained in this work is my own, original unaided effort. I have read and understand, and the work conforms to, the University’s guidelines on plagiarism”   1   


Feminist research holds a lot of value in today’s society where equality between female  and male gender has become an important issue. Women want to put forward their  ideologies and beliefs and don’t want it tobe subdued and lost amidst those put forward  by men. In order to facilitate this, feminist ethnography is a popular and beneficial  method as it elucidates the feminine perspective and adds more valuable knowledge to  the area of research. However feminist ethnography has a complex nature as it  incorporates features of feminism as well as ethnography.  This paper focuses on the essential qualities of a feminist research and shows how  feminism can be incorporated into ethnography. There has been a critical analysis of a  feminist ethnographic research on the motorcycle owners of Harley Davidson to  demonstrate the key features and the negative aspects of the feminist research  conducted. Various authors have undermined feminism in research; however this  critical review hopes to make explicit the nature of feminist research and role of  ethnography in feminist research.     




                                      1. Introduction                                                                                     4        ...
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