Feminism in the 1970's

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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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Nikki Bartholomy
MWF 1-1:50
Feministic Predictions of the 1970’s

The nineteen-seventies were quite the decade! Women wore peasant blouses, and everyone was wearing bell-bottoms. It was the time of disco. Although the decade seemed fairly carefree, there was a lot of rebellion going on with the women at that time. They were tired of the world how they knew it and wanted to make changes to their roles in society. Whenever birth control came about, it opened up more possibilities for women. You saw more women having sex before marriage, and going to school for things like being a doctor. This was due to the fact that they were not afraid of ending up pregnant. Soon, the woman’s movement was underway. Women would get together and discuss not only their lives, but also the changes they wanted to see. Activist spoke out about things like abortion and rape, that before had never really been talked about. They wanted to set up help centers for women, and eventually the activist made it to where domestic violence was made illegal instead of just being seen as traditional. Even though the woman’s movement was very important, the activists did not always do things properly. It was for this reason that the FBI ended up grouping the woman’s movement with other extremist movements. Although the woman’s movement had begun to settle down by the end of the nineteen-seventies, the women still had high hopes for the lives of women in decades to follow. The women of the nineteen-seventies hoped that their fight had not been for nothing and that the generations of women to follow would take advantage, and be grateful for the opportunities they now had in front of them. They predicted that women would not be forced to settle down and have children if they didn’t want that lifestyle. They felt that they wouldn’t be stuck at home with the children at twenty years old, but instead would be out in the world going to school and pursuing their dreams. They thought that instead of...
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