Feminism in Red Dog Red Dog

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  • Published : November 19, 2010
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State of Feminism in Red Dog Red Dog
Throughout history women have struggled and strived to gain equality and rights. In Patrick Lanes Red Dog Red Dog, lack of respect and mistreatment of women was obviously apparent; however, history and lack of authority left society believing that a woman’s only placement in life is her sexual being. Not only does it become apparent that men were disrespecting women, but women were withholding the same attitude and lack of appreciation for themselves. In return this led to even more of a reckless unstable environment. It is due to customs and lack of knowledge that both men and women in Vernon at this point in time are oblivious to the fact that a woman’s self worth was determined by pride for oneself. Women had slim to no importance in this decade and seemed more likely to be exploited, as opposed to gaining the acknowledgement and respect as equal human beings that are of meaning. Not only did women disrespect themselves, but did the same unto their female peers. While comparing characters of the novel to women of the 21st century, it becomes obvious that modern day women have evolved into a greater role of equality and respect. Indignity towards oneself is prevalent throughout the novel. There are many female characters that display qualities of being lowly – regarded and unstable. Perhaps one of the foremost characters displaying this is Sally – Ann, introduced as a young woman who displays a hankering for Eddy’s love. Her decision to participate in Eddy’s infatuation with drugs was her own oversight, and led her life into destruction. Her own self respect seems vanish due to her own delinquent behaviour. A person with morals and strong self respect would never put herself in a situation as Sally-Ann has. If she does not have the sovereignty to maintain her own self respect and well being, she does not deserve the consideration of others. “Sally – Ann hung in for the heroin...
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