Feminism in Pokemon

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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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Feminist Critical Analysis
A Pokémon or “pocket monster” is a popular anime that is based on the story of a young “Pokémon Trainer” “Ash” in his journey to become a “Pokémon master”. This means capturing and training Pokémon to create an elite team of the strongest so that you can say you are master of all Pokémon hence a Pokémon master, this also consists of capturing every type of Pokémon and completing your poke-dex (a electronic encyclopaedia on Pokémon that automatically records the amount of different Pokémon seen and caught). Whilst it may seem very friendly and childish the story is open to interpretation and could be viewed from a feminist standpoint to be actually misogynistic. The first female character introduced in the series is Ash’s mom, she is introduced as the stereotypical mother however if we look closer at her we can see how see is trapped in a life of servitude and loneliness. That is why she is so attached to her son. There is a clear absence of Ash’s father that is often left unanswered; this could be interpreted to mean that the mother figure in a boy’s life is far more important than that of the father. The reason that Ash father is not present throughout the series is left deliberately vague however there is a reference to him becoming a Pokémon trainer and starting his own journey. With this information I would say that it isn’t that much of a leap to say that perhaps he abandoned Mrs Ketchum (Delia Ketchum). The fact that it is “Mrs” shows that she married Mr Ketchum who had abandoned her; she also took his name. She runs the only Pokémon restaurant in Palet town and has to take care of her child Ash and in return she again is deserted by him as he leaves on his adventure. This however doesn’t seem to be an abnormality and shows that it is common for women in Pokémon to be imprisoned by their “duties” and not free to follow their dreams of becoming a Pokémon trainer like the males, instead they become housewives however there is a...
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