Feminism Art Practices

Topics: Art, Feminism, Woman Pages: 3 (1044 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Case Study 2# Feminist Art Practices
Analyse the ways in which the artworks in Plate 1 and 2 represent and comment on the world The ways in which the artworks, in Plates 1 and 2, represent feminist and their views and opinion on the world which is showcased in Julie Rraps works is portrayed when her central focus normally surrounds the human body and its representations. Julie Rrap uses digital manipulation to bring her wild imagination and sense of fun to realisation. The conceptual framework relates to relationships, beliefs of society, values and influencing factors such as the artist, artwork, world and audience. Intentions of the artwork communicates ideas and demonstrates the artists practice. Historical events that influence the audience. The conceptual framework relating to Rraps’ works and intentions are its ideas of beliefs and conventions that the world relates to people who view and comment upon artworks and can be shocked by artist’s representation. Critical currators such as artists visually document and explore how the media reflects the aesthetics conventions. Feminist art provides the space for the appreciation of women’s achievements and the characteristics of their art practice. Feminist art practice responds to a bias of art history that honors the art making practice of men. Feminist art challenges the ideas to a male-controlled society by recognising that throughout history, the depiction of women has be constructed for a male audience. Julie Rrap is an Australian artist who has been enthusiastically involved in the critique of what dictates the approach the female sensibility. She has explored whether it is socially or physically determined and how traditional art practice has influenced ideas. For years Rraps interest in feminist movements has been explored through a variety of media that challenge the conventions of content and form. Overstepping created by Julie Rrap in 2001 depicts the artist’s feet develop into fleshly high heels....
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