Feminism and Sex Ethics

Topics: Elsie Clews Parsons, Sexual intercourse, Mating Pages: 4 (948 words) Published: December 8, 2011


to century of the greatcontribution the nineteenth of sex ethics. But the full consequence that lapse was nor by no meansrealizedevenby the end of the century of woman, the was a relatedissue of feminism, inclusion as an issue quite as significant her emancipation.To cento thesecontributions the ethicsof sex the twentieth its contribution. turyis addinganother, own distinctive to that forwomenas formen mating I refer the theory are facts. and parenthood separable is feminism a logicalas well as an hisOf this theory a particuthat feminists, toricalantecedent, relationship have denied because they so larly the early feminists, in of disliked terms opprobrium whichit was the greatly pointedout to them. The chargeof "free love" made them,so to speak,see red. They tookit as the insultit for wantonwas intended. Castigation an hypothetical for them the issue-a little anti-feminist ness obscured far novel. And so the bugabooof an imstrategy from backintoonecorner scaredthefugitives putedpromiscuity fold. of the proprietary let And theretheyhave stayedaccumulating, me say and sex bittera incidentally, good deal of sex resistance ness. Because one of theirnaturaloutletswas closedto thatwouldhave led them,and thisthe outletofall others of withthe othersex, them into a community interests in and were directions intensitheir energy vehemence other iiibecame to narrowed subject sexantagonfied. Feminism out sex ism. Insteadof broadening to takeinthe relationship men. it merely staredat the closeddoorand denounced thanksless to feminism, But the door is now opening, shallwe factors, thanks thanto other it mustbe admitted,

about womanwas theory THE lapse of the proprietary



in of say to progress the practice medicine and thanksto economic pressure, economic pressure uponmenas wellas upon women. "The spacingof babies," late marriage, childless marriage,...
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