Topics: Woman, Women, Gender Pages: 2 (609 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Corey Hartman
English 112
There are different notions of femininity studied throughout the semester in Cat in the Rain, Bernice Bobs her Hair, Leila, and Girl from Paris. During the semester many different aspects of woman are seen through the main characters of all the stories we have seen. From being traditional and shy, to letting your husband walk all over you, to being an independent worker, all these women are different.

The Cat in the Rain is the story about a wife, wanting more with her marriage and her life, sees a cat in the rain, which symbolizes something so much more. The first notion of femininity is feeling dependent on her husband. Next she has the feeling of wanting something more. That more could be a baby, which is symbolized bye the cat. Finally, the notion of femininity shown by the wife in the story is very depressed and sad. For these reasons the notions of femininity in The Cat in the Rain has the wife being a very depressed and dependent wife searching for something more.

Bernice Bobs her Hairs goes in a completely other direction when it come to the notions of femininity. This is more about the conflict between modern women vs. traditional women. First, there’s conflict when the two cultures collide. Next, the new modern changes the traditional woman to cause conflict. Finally, Revenge is taken by both cultures. For these reasons the Femininity from Bernice Bobs her hair is the most different from the others.

In Leila the notions of femininity are dealing with not being able to have a child, and having her husband walk all over her. First, when Leila finds out she cannot produce a child for her husband he is ok with it. Leila is still sad, feeling as if she cannot provide for her husband. Next, the mother pressures both of them to allow the husband to date other woman in search for a second wife. This is where her basic femininity instincts should have taken over and she should have gotten jealous and...
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