Topics: Female, Women's suffrage, Woman Pages: 3 (1223 words) Published: July 6, 2008
On Feminism
Every time I read about political issues such as feminism, I can help but be glad to have been born in this century. In the nineteen century some man thought of woman as being incapable of anything but bearing children. The thought of men and woman created equal was not as obvious as it is for the majority of human beings today. Authors such as Almroth E. Wright in “The Unexpurgated Case Against Woman Suffrage” and the Goncourt Brothers writings on “Female Inferiority” were very strong in their opinion that woman were intellectually inferior than men, and that the only thing a woman are good for is as an object of sex and procreation.

This sentiment can not be more clearly shown in the statement made by the Goncourt Brothers “Woman is an evil, stupid animal unless she is educated to a high degree. She is incapable of dreaming, thinking or loving” As we could see The Goncourt’s view on females were not only as inferior, but they actually placed woman on a par with the animal. This statement is clearly so demeaning that just reading it out loud gave me a chill up my spine. It is also clear from these words, that they acknowledge that educated woman do not fit in this category. However men with this sentiment did everything they could to prevent women from having access to education. Almroth E. Wright had the same feeling the Goncourt Brothers in regards to the inferiority of the woman mind. When writing about woman suffrage he commented that woman can not vote, because woman lack reason and have intellectual defects. He also comments that “Women arrive at conclusions on incomplete evidence; has a very imperfect sense of proportion; accepts the congenial as true, and rejects the uncongenial as false” Although he doesn’t directly say that we are animals he clearly expresses that woman are incapable of reasoning, by stating that woman arrive at conclusions easily without examining evidence and making sound judgments. Both authors also share the...
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