Feminisit Stereotype

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Feminisit Stereotype

By | May 2011
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According to B. Moore and R. Parker, (2011) Stereotyping is a thought or image about a group of people based on little or no evidence. Politicians are only one of its kinds that will stereotype one another to pursue vote or to persuade others into voting. Reading Chicago’s Sun time’s news paper all sorts of rhetorical devices such as innuendo, load question, ridicule, and post, hoc this is all seen and recorded in the political section. It is spoken within a sequence of fallacies such as the Scare Tactics, and ad hominem making the Democratic or the Republican parties looking bad to the public as either of them being responsible for today’s economy. From Republican or the Democratic uses the same tradition arguments such as hyperbole and dysphemia. An argument about wasteful spending is good example of smokescreen. Both parties accused each other for what is right and justify the reason by stating this is good for America.

Tattooed Persons
People who allow tattooing are generally a person who wants to stand out from the norms. In the United States of America people are tattooed for a variety of reasons to send a message that we belongs to a certain group such as gangs, biker’s association, military personnel. People of this sort are very argumentive, bigotry, they often relates under the stereotype of fallacies. Religious groups often rebel against such practice believing it’s a sin. The stereotype is a false premise in an otherwise valid argument. (Moore & Parker, 2007, p.219). People are tattooed for a many of reasons but, never the less the majority of the people associate tattoos to aggressive folks, criminals, bikers and, military personnel, or just individuals who enjoy marking up their body. Mainly tattooing is very big in America jail system 9 out 10 people view tattoos on and individual as one who have been to jail or prison and serve time, better known as felony what society calls a second class citizen of...

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