Topics: Murder, Homicide, Violence against women Pages: 3 (1082 words) Published: April 27, 2013
The Visible and Invisible Aspects of Femicide
By: Christine Varickamackal

Femicide is defined as rape and murder of women based on their gender. In recent years, femicide has been on the rise. The three countries we focused on are Argentina, Guatemala, and Mexico. We chose these three countries because there has been a high murder rate of women in the last few years. It is an ongoing situation that isn't being resolved because various governments have done little to prevent these murders. Government officials need to understand that there is a problem with violence against women; until then it will be a difficult journey for women. The investigation of the various women being murdered has gone nowhere.  Laws are trying to be passed within these three countries, but the only country that was successful in making femicide a crime is Guatemala. We will further investigate how and why Guatemala has passed that law. The government's tolerance of women being murdered shows how much they care for the safety of women. Femicide is a gender-based crime that includes but is not limited to sexual violence, mutilation, and torture. The average age of women killed due to femicide ranges between 15-36 years. Women are targeted because they are seen as less important than men.  We often hear about femicide from reporters who criticize police officials in the steps they take in investigating the murders. We also hear from family members that go public to speak about their loved ones. Investigating why women are targets by men in these three countries for murder has been an eye-opener. They have believed for so many years that being abused by their partner is part of life. It is a cycle that starts early on in each generation and is automatically accepted. Most women rarely report their abuses.  In Guatemala, Argentina, and Mexico, there is a patriarchal dominance in the government as well as in the household. Men often have tremendous power and threaten to kill their...
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