Female Sexuality on the Book "The House on Mango Street"

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  • Published : April 12, 2011
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Female Sexuality

On the book The House on Mango Street Esperanza is a little girl that is affected by different situations. There are things that happened to her that shaped her as an individual and change her perspective of life. Female sexuality is a really strong topic where we can see how young females are affected with it and how they see it. Esperanza is a young virgin girl at the beginning of the book and she longs to have a sexual encounter for it is something new for her. She is just a child and things started to happen in her life and mind that prepared her for that special situation. Esperanza and her friends think that by having sex they will become women, real women. Through out the book we see different situations with sexual abuse. Sexual abuse is a big issue that has been taking over little girls’ minds and emotions. Esperanza and some other girls in the book are affected with sexual abuse and we can see how their perspective changes after that encounter.

Esperanza is curious about sex, like her friends, she wants to become sexually active. I think that all of Esperanza’s friends consider sex as power. Some of the girls are sexually active and start dressing differently. Big heals and mini skirts and really sensual clothes are some of the things that they wear. Esperanza envies them. They look so cool for Esperanza’s eyes. They are the best of the best, all the men want them and every time they pass by, men stare at them and desire to be having a sexual encounter with the girls and that’s what Esperanza wants. She wants to be desired by men. Sex is a really important part for Esperanza’s life. Her mind is virgin too for she doesn’t really know the consequences of being sexually active at that age. She doesn’t think about pregnancy. She doesn’t think about what some men want, they don’t know what love is, they just want to use girls and go to bed with them but Esperanza doesn’t know that. She just thinks that if she is like those girls she...
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